Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Taboo Talk

Everyone in the poker world know speaking/moaning/whining about downswings is taboo. Only fish players, noobs and losing regs whine. This blog is not a whine, it's just a small talk about mindset of last 3-4 weeks. I'm doing this mainly to try to remove all the foggy thoughts in my head and have everything cleared up for next weeks/months.

First week of DS was easy. I didn't even felt it. I had just had a 9k upswing the week before so it felt very standard. Kept grinding big volume and grinding my A game. Starting week 2 I had already noticed I was DS but by the last days of the weekend I recovered the losses and transformed it from a DS to a breakeven stretch.

Third week I was exhausted mentally so i took 2-3 days off and decided to come back ready to crush. Surprinsingly (or not at all) my DS was waiting for me at the tables. The last week (currently on it) has been hell. DS so fr is 420bis in abi. 200 of this bis are mtts and 220 are 180s so it's actually super standard. Funny thing was I grabbed a bad swing in both at the same time.

Today is a break point. Downswing got to me out of poker, I had been in a funny/hard to predict mood, I'm sure my friends, girlfriend and even mother have noticed. That was the sign I had to get my mindset right. Poker is poker and swings are part of the job. It's true, biggest DS so far... but to be honest I hope this is not the biggest DS I'll ever get. Plan is to keep moving up and increasing my BR and my skills. If a 5k DS is getting to me I'll never be able to play 1k hyper turbo SNGs or 215usd+ MTTs. I don't want to be stuck in midstakes my whole life, in poker as in everything, my goal is to get better.

Volume wise March is great. 600 games so far and I've taken 2 days off this month. 120 games in average per day I decide to sit in and play. 3.5k VPPs. Goal this month is 12k vpps this month. Easily achievable at this rhythm. Hope i can get 2.4k games in at least this month, but WSOPc San Diego is gonna get in the way.

Getting to it... I'm gonna be playing some event of WSOPc San Diego. Next week I'm gonna be there crushing the tables. I'm selling some action on 2p2 for anyone interested. Made a package with sick low MU with all events I'm playing.

If anyone is interested hit me up there.

Gonna be giving updates via twitter... @BonzoC.

That's all for today, gonna be pulling an all-nighter for turbo night playing from 2usd all the way to 33usd MTTs. GL on the tables!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Being human

I’ve kind of abandoned this blog, maybe trying to make one entry per week is putting the bar way to up so I’m just going to aim for 2 entries per month. I’ll try to give a quick update on both poker and real life once every 15 days or so.

A lot of people have recently asked me how I have got better in poker over a short span of time. To be honest this goes all the way to life mentality and not just poker itself. Since a long time from now (actually about 8-9 months) I wake up every day knowing I’m human and therefore I’m full of mistakes and defects. Everyone hates being wrong. Waking up with this idea every day opens my eyes and lets me see my mistakes. Knowing I have them makes me want to become a better person than I am. Each day I wake up trying to become a better version of myself.

This translates directly in to poker. Every day I try to be better. Sometimes it’s all about humility. It’s not easy to see your mistakes and sometimes you need feedback from people outside your mind (both for poker and life). If you want to become better at something you must first acknowledge you’re actually bad at it. Look for help! Coaches, forums and poker playing friends are a great way to get you in the correct poker mindset. Lucky me I have all three of them.

Believe me, getting in this way of thinking helps you feel better about yourself day to day.

So updates:

Couldn’t be happier. I got the chance to join Team Bogan being staked by the Salter brothers. Although I’m pretty comfortable with my game and I can’t wait to play with my own money I’m also really happy with the way things have gone so far since I’m part of the team. Great place to discuss strategy and they’re always there to cheer you up when poker is heartbreaking.
As you know I moved up to 8s and 3+r and started crushing them. I pushed myself to quick to 15s and didn't realize how big of a step it was between games. Needless to say I caught a downswing of over 4k. I didn’t let this get to me and grinded out of it. As for now I’m playing 8s, 15s and MTTs turbo all the way to 27s.
Graphs or it didn’t happen:






Same as above. Everything is good. School could be better but I actually don’t care that much about it. I’m going to San Diego to play the WSOPc (I’m going to sell shares of a package with the events I´m going to play). Also I’ve been with my girlfriend for a little above 1 month and I’m very happy. We’re always in the same book and this make the relationship pretty easy going and constructive. She’s very intelligent and just as a plus she is very pretty.

I also wanted to use this blog to tell everyone whose life I’ve impacted in a negative way that I’m really sorry for all trouble I may have caused because of my nervousness, immaturity and fear. There’s no way I can’t  go back but there’s a big pack of people who I owe and apology, you know who you are.

GL at the tables!