Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back to the tables

Bought a new Laptop, I was aiming for a desktop but grind couldn't be left waiting. I got the Dell Studio 1558. I've read a lot of bad reviews but I've also read a lot of good reviews so I decided to give it a go.


500GB memory HD
Intel Core I7 1.6GHz
4gb RAM DDR3
1 GB ATI Radeon HD5470

Seems enough to play a few video games and grind 30+ tables... tomorrow I'll give it it's first go, and hopefully in a few months I'll still be as happy as I am at this moment with my purchase.

Music Recommendation:
This song is in spanish but it's also sickly good.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September Recap + Life Style

I`m gonna try to make this as easy to read as possible.


Started the month with ambition to grind that made me take shots to 8s as I've already told you. I felt comfortable with my game and manage to win a bit. But then i had to make a monster cashout that took me some steps behind my pace and decided to move back down until i regrind that specific cashout (more on it coming in a bit)

So results:

180s 8usd this month

180s 2.5usd this month

180s overall this month

45s 3.5usd this month

This month overall

180s since 20th of july (when I came back to my old city to grind)

My game in 45s has been a little off but I`m pretty happy with my 180s results overall 2.1kprofit in 2800sngs in 60 days sort of...

Ive been studying my game a lot lately and have found some flaws... I've been working on tighting them up and so far so good.

Life Update

2 days ago I started exercising myself. Started this routines named "Insanity" and I feel debastated (which I guess means it's working). Working out has improved my tilt control, not sure how it is related but it has.

I had a pretty sick downswing lifewise. My laptop's ventilator burned and my whole laptop stopped working... instead of spending 200usd in a 3 year old laptop im going to buy myself a new desktop... this is not the only think that stopped working for me this month, my cellphone also stopped working. So to buy a new phone and new laptop: MEGA CASHOUT. I usually cashout 500-700 in a month, this month I cashout out over 2k but I'm sure the new grind station will motivate me enough to make up for it asap.

My roll is standing once again in 900usd + 300 in stellar rewards and fpps.

I've also given me the chance to meet people. I'm a bit of a closed to new relationships guy so this is like a break through.

Excersice+NewDesktop+NewCellphone+NewPeople= Month lifewise so far.

I hope I can keep this liferhythm. I barely have time for myself. If I'm not grinding then I'm in class... If I'm not in class or grinding I'm studying my game... If I'm not studying my game or grinding or in class I'm working out... If I'm not doing any of those I'm either drinking or sleeping (basic things in life).

As soon as i get my new desktop I will post pics and specs. GL at the tables!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Money Talks

Lately I've noticed I can´t spend my internet won money. I'd never played as much as I've been playing the past 2 months, and results are great so far, but somehow I don't feel comfortable cashing out. I only cashout to pay rent, gasoline and to eat.

While I lived in Mexico City I had no problem spending poker earned money (specially live poker) but I hate cashing out my internet roll, makes me feel vulnerable. I want that number to grow and that's the only real goal I've had since I moved back to my old city. I keep thinking to myself "if I still lived with my mom and she paid everything I would already have enough roll for xxxxxxx".

I'm no longer scaremoney as I was some months ago when every dime on the table gave me a headache. I've grown a lot from there and now I play as I should've always played... fearless of money. When time comes to cashout because I NEED to pay the rent and can no longer live out of any kind of food I find along the way is when I cashout. I think I need to get ahold of my financial life and have control on my expenses.

Downswings are nothing but that: "downswings". They don't depress me anymore, they don't affect my lifestyle anymore. Same with heaters, I love them, they increase my confidence and make me feel undestructible but I know they're heaters and just play them along. Apart from all that I'm really accurate when it comes to making an educated guess on how much I'm gonna win depending on how much I'm gonna play.

I write this blog for myself. The whole intention of writing this is getting my thoughts in order and being able to work with them without making stupid decisions without thinking them over. Writing them is the best way I've found to do this so far.

Once again this blog is for me.

It is to think about how much am I going to cashout. To stop being such a "pussy" when it comes the time I need money and start planning it before the time I need food comes. The problem with this is my thirst to move up stakes.

All my pokerfriends, or a big part of those, make fun of my stakes. "LOL you play 2usd tournaments! That's 20 pesos! HAHAHA stop feeling like some kind of god, you're playing micros!".

Reality is I play micros, but I got news for everyone of you... I WIN MORE THAN YOU! Being a 400buyin bankroll nit is one thing, but not being able to dominate a level and win a lot in that level is a whole other story. Even if you play nl100+ I´m happy winning 1.5k~ a month and taking my time to move up. When I do so I'll be sure to muck you guys.


Had to get that out of my mind. That is the reason that keeps me from enjoying my money, thirst. But it's not a thirst I evoked in first place, it's peer pressure thirst. I've made a whole plan to be grinding low stakes (instead of micros) by the first days of december and im sure I will do it.

I've taken my shots in 8usd 180man and I feel pretty comfortable with my game. I'm sure im gonna crush the limit once I decide to play 3+r and 8s only. Shots were supposed to give me confidence and they did. Basically all this blog is a note to myself:

"Stick to the plan, don't rush yourself and let haters hate... or just hate them back"

(I'll get back to you in 8-12 months when I'm making 4k-6k a month in midstakes)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Marathonic Session Fail + First Days of September

Marathonic Session was a big fail, getting volumen without table ninja is really hard. Played 8.5 hours but couldn´t manage to keep more than 14-16 tables open, 18 tops and when I was deep I only played 10-11 tables at a time.

After 8 hours I had only played 100 games. Lame.

First days of september had been the same as the last weeks of august, breaking even. But a 180man reg helped me take the decision of mixing in one 8usd for every four 2.5usd I play. This meant an average buyin of 3.6usd, so even with my super nitty BR management system I'm overrolled for this. Gave it a go since the 2nd September.

Since the start of the month I've been running bad but getting in sick volume (still below the volume planned for the month but I'm sure I'll get ahead soon). 

Results so far ar this:

180man $2.5s& 45man $3.5s in September

$8s in September

Month So Far (180man$2.5s+180man$8s+45man$3.5s)

So I was breaking even but only because I've been playing 8s, without those my graph would be more standard without the first games being breakeven.

I've been feeling very good about my game, in fact I've never felt this good. I believe this is thanks to my session review after the end of each session and thanks to some SnG regs which get together with me to talk about hands and strategy.

The plan is to stick with this method, 4 2.5usd for every 1 8usd for the rest of the month. Planning on playing in a 2:1 ratio instead of 4:1 by the first week of next month.

Goals are there, hope I can stick to the plan!

GL everyone!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

August in the books + Marathonic Session


I had the sickest breakeven run ever! ... Ok, I love exagerations it's not the sickest breakeven run ever but it's still pretty sick:

750 sngs breaking even, and you can make it 900 if we add this first couple of days of September.

I accomplished my 50 SnGs a day goal, but I think i can do way better and 50 a day is a pretty mediocre rhythm so this month I'm aiming for at least 2k sngs.

$800 positive on my normal grind.

During August me and SnG grinder "nala1988" made a profit probet for the month. $100 were at stake and by the 20th of august we were tied in the 1kUSD mark. After that the story is funny: "DOOMSWITCH [ON]" for both of us and I bink the probet by losing less than him.

I played nl100 in a homegame... I HAD TO. Noticed there was two fishes (both with over 15k lost according to PTR) playing nl100 hu at a 6max deep table. Snap sit in and let the gamble begin. I Ran decently and finished the session positive.

I was also lucky enough to buy 5% of the Sunday Million of "alealt06" and he made a very deep run, finished in 11th place (Gratz dude!). Now that I think of it maybe I jinxed his possible final table by telling everyone via twitter to rail him!

Thanks to PokerStars 10x vpp status month I also made 200 out of vip stellar rewards and fpp bonuses during the month.

Adding it up:

  $800 normal grind
+$100 propbet
+$300 alealt06 deep run
+$200 nl100 homegame
+$200 vip stellar rewards and fpp bonuses
=$1600 month

GOGOGO September!

Marathonic Session

As I said earlier in the month I want to get 2k SnGs at least during September so I'm starting my first saturday of the month with a marathonic 8-10 hour session (beginning in about 30min) table ninja isn´t working since the PokerStars new update so I'll only play between 16 and 22 SnGs at a time. I'm hoping to get 150 SnGs at least today. Results to come later.

GL at the tables.