Monday, August 29, 2011

First of Many

Ok... so I had to get out of my house because the guy who is supposed to exterminate all bugs (my roomie hates roaches) decided to come early. Now I'm sitting in a cafe waiting for time to pass before I have to hit my first class of the day. There is no possible better time to write my first poker only blog.

As I said a few entries ago I made a fresh start on July 13th and things have gone very smoothly. I've grinded from 500 to 2kUSD (excluding three 500USD cashouts) which makes a total of 3.5kUSD. I've been running pretty bad in my day to day grind and I'm only 1.4k USD up:

 but on the other hand I've been very lucky in other things:

Adding 550USD from the milestone, 300USD of Rakeback, 300USD of staking that has gone all right and 500 from playing nl100 against a big fish in a pokerstars homegame that gives us the grand total of ~2.5kUSD up in 45 days... not bad in comparison to Mexican salaries.

I play 180man 2.5USD SnGs and usually mix up some 45man to get a bigger volume, my ROI sucks in 45man but it has proven to be +ev to mix them up and try to maximize profit per hour. I usually play between 25 and 35 tables at the same time.

Why 2.5USD if I could be playing higher? Answer is simple: my life depends on this, that makes me a huge BR nit. I hate swings. Already had a 4k swing in 15USD 180man and I want to avoid history repeating itself. I will move up soon but I want to do it with a BR that makes me feel comfortable. I´m hoping to move up to 3USD+r and 8USD SnGs when I touch a 3.5k BR, that is only 2-3 months from now.

There's a lot more on the topic of my poker life to be told but since I made a fresh start I guessed this was the way to start my blog's first poker entry. Good luck everyone, run good this last 3 August days!

17 facts about me

  1. I love flamingos, I think flamingos are the most cool looking animal I will ever see.
  2. I'm a whiner but I make a huge effort to stop being so.
  3. I play poker because I think freedom is the must important thing in life and you can play poker anywhere and still have money to spend.
  4. I like the color purple.
  5. I'm a seasonal smoker, sometimes I smoke daily for a month and sometimes I dont touch a cigarette in months.
  6. After playing live poker for 4-6 months I can't sleep during nights anymore... at least not nights in the timezone I live in right now
  7. I miss JRPGs and think this was the best videogame genre ever created.
  8. I play drums.
  9. I would've loved to study theology, but I guess I still have lots of time to do so.
  10. I've had a gun pointed at me 3 times already, cool thing is I'm only 21 years old.
  11. Biggest pot I have ever played was a 3.5kUSD pot... I lost it.
  12. I believe in people who claim to believe in themselves and show it with their actions.
  13. I love number 7 (maybe this was supposed to be random fact number 7)
  14. I love advice, I always ask for it and then ignore it and mess up things my own way.
  15. Chicken wings are the most delicious food... nothing feels better than spending a day with friends eating wings and drinking beer.
  16. I'm a natural at lying, this is not good but it's true... sometimes I think I'm a mythomaniac because I can lie very very naturally.
  17. I seem to talk a lot about myself but I still keep lots of things only for me and hope to keep it that way.

Random Thoughts

I've had a couple of rough days lately. To be honest everything is ok, but somehow I manage to feel something is out of place.

Life somehow feels complicated, but, school is good... which is quite impressive when I come to think of it since I invest only the time that is needed to pass all my courses and no more, sometimes even less. Poker is going great, made a fresh start from a 500USD bankroll the 13th of July, 47 days ago, and I've already managed to grind it all the way to 2k and this including a couple of "must eat to live" cashouts. I also found a great place to  live for the next 6-12 months which makes me feel like I've accomplished something that most people take a lot more time to, which is paying a rent and living out of my own effort.

Life is good now that I gave myself the time to think about it... just moved in to a small city here in Mexico (Torreon, Coahuila) which makes me feel kind of frustrated since I used to live in Mexico City which is a huge city and had so many things to do that my mind managed to always be learning something new. This city is like swimming in a kiddy pool when you've lived all your life with the ocean as a backyard.

Since this is my first post I'll avoid the rant and will try to synthesize what I'm looking to do with this blog so you can know if you're interested or not.

This is not the ordinary poker blog, I'll dump graphs, goals and thoughts on this quite often (probably updating once a week on this matter so I don't lose focus) but it won't be the only topic in this space. I'll talk a bunch about random stuff that takes place around my personal world, this doesnt mean I'll talk about my personal life to often (meeh to be honest I guess I will), but it rather means I will speak about any political, philosophical and social situation that catches my interest and just try to give my opinion on any of this topics. This blog basically is me trying to trap all thing on my mind between my hands, organize them and write them down here.

Welcome to the small tornado in my head.