Monday, November 14, 2011

A step forward.

I'll start this blog with my graph of this month so far:

Playing fpps sats I caught a huge heater and this means it's time to move up. I have to make a huge cashout to pay school by the end of the month so I was willing to stop having social life to try and win 2k this month. After this delicious heater I decided to take 3 days off poker (3rd day today) to feel the air for a while. Now I only want to grind because I finally have a healthy enough BR for 8s and 3rs. Since my coach says I'm ready for those stakes I'll be moving up this week.

Wish me luck! I'm pretty excited about this!


  1. Hey man!

    Great graph! What Satellites thease are? I can`t find it on PokerStars loby. What is the entry fee FPP?

  2. They're hyperturbo single table sats. lasted only a while though.

  3. sorry but I can only find 235 FFP hyper turbo! And first 1-2 places get 11$ ticket.

    Can you tell me more accurately how I can find?

    Thanks mate