Saturday, November 5, 2011

A thank you note and recommendation...

So I haven't shared it with you people but the 29th of September I got a coach. Not my first one tbh, my first coach was "ihaterivers" great player... not so great student. He managed to make me think ABC poker in sngs and made me a winning player.

When I came back to Torreon, after playing live poker for a while, I had lost some level in this games and that was very obvious when after a 3k sample I was only winning 60c per game (20% roi).

I decided to stop the "mega high volume" bullshit and start playing a better game. I contacted Bfizz11 via his e mail and tried to get him interested in me. Lucky me he was. So far the game he is teaching me makes me think a lot more than I used to. I used to play 30 tables without a single timebank issue, now i can only play 18 and sometimes I timeout when I'm thinking a hand.

All this has been directly translated to my roi.


180s before Brian Fite (Bfizz11)

180s after Brian Fite (Bfizz11)

ROI comparison chart:

I recommend contacting Brian if your struggling, his fee is very low in comparison to results and time it takes to get results. Unique poker resume, he is in fact a bluefirepoker coach atm. Great coach, great friend.

So this blog is a Thank you note to Brian, gonna make it to midstakes sooner thanks to him and now I'm sure I'll be able to crush them. Thanks for believing man, I won't let you down.

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  1. Hey man!

    Great graph! What Satellites thease are? I can`t find it on PokerStars loby. What is the entry fee FPP?