Monday, October 24, 2011

Going through my old blog...

I started playing and immediately found it was a way to make money and be free, I just didn't know how much money was there to be made.

I left my city the first time to give a shot at poker and "play for a living". Today I read my old blog and found this comment in the blog that talked about me decided to leave my life and take a shot at something else.


A que Gonzoberto tan aventao. Mira cabrón, la vida esta llena de gente-zombie que vive amargada y arrepentida de no haber seguido sus sueños. Gente que tuvo alguna pasión y que por alguna razón u otra la dejo por un "trabajo seguro".

La verdad es que no hay nada seguro y por eso es importante tener la mayor cantidad de puertas abiertas conforme avanzamos en la vida. Entonces, lo único que si te recomiendo es que tengas esto presente conforme vas avanzando en este proceso. Trata de tener opciones y diferentes recursos; en términos pocarescos: Trata de Tener Outs. Este asunto de la vida no tiene que ser todo o nada, hay muchos puntos intermedios que al mismo tiempo nos ayudan a lograr nuestros objetivos.

No se bien los detalles de tu decisión, pero el simple hecho de que busques seguir lo que en realidad te apasiona me da gusto por ti. Todas las grandes historias comienzan con un sueño. Nadie te puede negar la oportunidad de seguir el tuyo. Estoy seguro que esta ha sido una decisión muy pensada, ya tienes bastante tiempo mencionándola. Te deseo lo mejor y no tengo la menor duda de que siendo respetuoso de tu proceso y tomando cada paso que des con seriedad y profesionalismo cumplirás tus metas.



Oh what a daring Bonzo. Look man, life is full of zombie people who live their lives in bitterness and regret of not pursuing their dreams. People that once had a passion and for some reason let it slip away for a "safe job".

The truth is there is nothing that's safe and because of that it's important to have the highest quantity of doors open while we're walking through life. Then, the only thing I recommend to you is to have this in your mind while you're advancing through this process. Try to have options and different resources... in poker terms: Try to have outs. Life is not about everything or nothing, we have a lot of intermediate spots that in the meanwhile help us achieve our objectives. 

I don't really know the details of your decision, but the simple fact that you're trying to follow what really makes you passionate makes me be happy for you. All big stories start with a dream. No one can deny you the chance to follow yours. I'm sure that this decision has been thought over, you've been bringing it up for a long time now. I wish you the best and have no doubt that being respectful in your process and taking every step you take with seriousness and professionalism you'll achieve your goals. 


I barely know 3dgar and in fact I don't know him at all IRL. Even though this guy has been the one I choose to talk to whenever I hit a dead end or a crossroad in my life. I've noticed he is always there to give advice and try to help me clear my mind. He is a great writer and a hell of a friend. That small speech helped me out a lot during the transition of my old life to what I like to call my "new life".

Maybe it might sound kind of tribal to you since you were not in my shoes when I first read it but still I'll share it here with everyone and this way I'm sure I won't forget how important this was once to me.

Here is a link to his blog which I widely recommend:

Thanks a lot man!


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